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    Been sayin this for years, man. God and I have a personal relationship, but RELIGION is man made and corrupt. 

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    He looks like some kind of straight white boy mermaid

    iguanamouth PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING


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  5. Talking the same stuff like it was day one.



  7. About last night…


  9. Woah


  10. I can’t handle my emotions. Too many feelings going on and I’m about to tear myself apart. On the surface looks calm and sure. Underneath it’s like a million stars exploding. One by one till the sky is completely black. I don’t feel like this all the time nor do I choose when to feel this way. I get uncomfortable and then I assume. My gut is feeling weird. My heart is completely fighting my brain. I can’t be logical. I just want it to stop. To be under control. I should be distant. I want my heart to be felt. This can’t be right it can’t it can’t it can’t! I notice. But did you notice me? I tell you to go but I want you to stay. This is wrong. I need to be alone. I’m in love with the moon.