1. You know how I feel. I’m just trying to keep it friendly like you want. I’m trying not to hide from you and be vulnerable. You said sorry bruh and it made me feel like saying I was looking forward to dinner was too much. So I said it wasn’t a big deal. I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable or feel like you have to remind me we are just friends. That’s what I felt like. I want us to grow and trust each other more. Be more open.

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    body goals


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    poorna ustrasana - full camel pose

    omg. can i do this one day

    bluegreen-days this is the goal 😱

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    when you and ya bestfriend say something at the exact same time

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    if u smell good, we cool

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    *gets a compliment*


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    カウボーイビバップ COWBOY BEBOP

    I feel you

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  9. Is it better to let you go?
    Or is it better to let you know?
    You should t-t-t-take it, you should t-t-t-take it back
    I’ve only got myself self self to blame
    Love something thinking things will never change
    These feelings probably will still still remain, I was always hurt
    & I’ve been feeling like this most most of my life woah
    I’ve been feeling like things aint gonna change
    Things aint gonna get it back?


  10. Courage

    Having said what I needed to,
    Having shown what I feel for you,
    What my intentions have been today.
    Now it’s time for you to do the same.
    And no love can be guaranteed.
    It don’t come with no warranties.
    It’s a leap you have to make.
    It’s the risk we all must take.